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[팟캐스트](97) 메르스 확산세 외 1건

By Ahn Sung-mi

Published : June 10, 2015 - 18:09

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진행자: 윤민식, Paul Kerry

1. 메르스에 영향 받는 의료기관 증가

기사요약: 최근 메르스 사태가 확산이 되면서 감염자 수와 격리자 수가 늘어나는 가운데, 메르스 확진 자가 요양병원에 방문한 사실이 확인되면서 불안이 고조되고 있다. 노인층이 메르스에 특히 취약하다고 알려진 가운데 당국의 방역실태를 놓고 논란이 일고 있다.

MERS spreads to more facilities

[1] A medical residential facility for senior citizens with fragile health conditions may have been affected by Middle East respiratory syndrome, the Health Ministry said Tuesday.

* senior citizen: 노인 인구, 고령자 (=the elderly)
* fragile: 나약한, 병약한, 부서지기 쉬운
* vulnerable: 취약한, 연약한
* health condition: 건강 상태

[2] This has raised questions about the government’s lack of safety measures for those who are most vulnerable to the virus, especially the elderly with pre-existing health conditions such as lung or kidney disease.

* raised questions: 의혹을 제기하다 (question: 의문을 던지다, doubt: ~의 주장 등을 부정하다)
* safety measures: 안전조치
* pre-existing health conditions: 기저질환

[3] As of Tuesday afternoon, the virus had killed seven people, infected 95 ― including a pregnant woman and a teenager ― and pushed public health officials to quarantine almost 3,000 others.

* as of ~: (어느 시점) 일자로 (to date, up until now: 현재까지)
* pregnant woman: 임산부
* pushed A to do B: A가 B 하도록 압력을 가하다
* quarantine: 격리, 격리하다 (=isolate)

[4] As the number of infected patients continued to soar against hopes that the virus will start to abate this week, the 16-member joint mission team from the Korean government and World Health Organization started its investigation Tuesday.

* abate: 약화하다, 약화시키다


2. 황교안, 청문회서 의혹 부인

기사요약: 황교안 국무총리 후보자는 현재 여성비하 발언, 장남 병역, 특별사면 개입 등 의혹을 받고 있다. 인사청문회 첫날에서 황 후보자는 대부분 의혹을 부정하는 동시에, 최근 통과된 국회법 개정안에 대해 “위헌요소가 있다”라며 우려를 표했다.

P.M. nominee denies ethical lapses at hearing

[1] Prime Minister nominee Hwang Kyo-ahn on Monday denied allegations of ethical lapses during his 30-year public career, including his alleged draft-dodging, on the first day of his three-day confirmation hearing in the National Assembly.

* allegation: 의혹 (=suspicion, accusation)
* ethical: 도덕적인
* lapse: 과오, 과실
* draft-dodging: 병역기피 (mandatory military service: 병역 의무)
* confirmation hearing: 인사청문회
* National Assembly: 국회(=parliament)

[2] Hwang also called recent revisions to parliamentary laws allowing lawmakers to overrule presidential decrees “possibly unconstitutional,” echoing fears among Park Geun-hye administration officials that the opposition could use the new law to overturn presidential orders.

* revise: 수정, 개정하다(alter: 바꾸다, amend: 수정, 개정하다)
* lawmaker: 국회의원
* overrule: 뒤엎다, (법정의 경우) 기각하다 (annul: 무효로 하다)
* presidential order: 대통령령

[3] The prime minister nominee also repeated government statements that Park had done her best to contain the MERS virus, apparently rebuffing criticism that the Park administration had failed to contain the deadly virus that has left six dead and thousands under quarantine here.

* nominee: 후보자(=designate)
* do one’s best: 최선을 다하다
* rebuff: 묵살 하다, 퇴짜를 놓다
* apparently: ~하는 듯 보이다(seemingly)