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Japan Tobacco International rolls out new Camel

Japan Tobacco International Korea has launched Camel Evolution Super Slims, the first low-tar super slim brand of its Camel lineup, the tobacco maker said Wednesday.

On sale from Thursday, Camel Evolution Super Slims is a locally customized blend for the Korean market. The product delivers smooth Camel taste in a stylish urban packaging design largely targeting smokers in the 25-35 age group, according to JTI Korea.

The April sales of the Camel brand showed a dramatic increase, quintupling from a year earlier, according to market researcher Nielsen’s data. 

“Camel Evolution Super Slims provides smokers an opportunity to experience international quality super slims from a global brand at the attractive price of 4,000 won,” JTI Korea said in a press release.

Camel Evolution Super Slims comes in two types ― Camel Evolution Super Slims 3mg and Camel Evolution Super Slims 1mg. The former contains 3 milligrams of tar and 0.30 milligram of nicotine, and latter 1 milligram of tar and 0.10 milligram of nicotine.

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