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Gayoon releases ballad cover of BEAST’s ‘12:30’

Gayoon of 4Minute. (Cube Entertainment)
Gayoon of 4Minute. (Cube Entertainment)

Gayoon of K-pop girl group 4Mintue has taken a stab at showing off her melancholy vocals with her cover of label mates BEAST’s latest chart-topping single “12:30.”

Unlike the electro-dance beat and drum heavy original version of the popular BEAST track, on Monday Gayoon released her own solo take of the single, stripping out the pop feel of the song and turning it into a softer, more soulful ballad.

The lead single “12:30” was first released by BEAST in October as part of the idol band’s latest EP, “Time.” The track topped all of the major online music charts almost immediately after it was released.

Gayoon’s version was not released as a digital single; rather, it came out only as an official music video on YouTube as part of her agency’s cover project, according to a statement by Cube Entertainment.

The singer currently serves as the main vocalist of both 4Minute, one of K-pop’s mainstream favorites, and 2Yoon, her group’s folk-music-inspired duo sub-unit.

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