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JYJ's Park Yoo-chun talks about love-making scene in 'Sea Fog'

Singer-turned-actor Park Yoo-chun talked about his first sex scene in the upcoming film “Sea Fog” with actress Han Ye-ri on Monday.

“I agonized over the sex scene before I shot it. I talked about how to articulate the scene with the director but as we started shooting, I understood the feelings of the character,” Park said during a press premiere.

“Han was the only person who felt alive in the film,” Park added. Park continued to explain that the scene was more than just a sexual expression but a description of desperation and sorrow.

“I was really sad at the time when we were shooting (the love-making scene) but today, as I watch that scene on screen, my chest hurts.”

Film “Sea Fog” or also known by its Korean title “Haemoo” will come out in local cinema on Aug. 13

By Ha Ji-won, Intern reporter (

[Photo Credit: OSEN]
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