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[팟캐스트](44) 다음 카카오 합병, 네이버 강적 등장?

기사 요약: 검색엔진 다음과 모바일 메신저 회사 카카오가 공식 합병을 선언했다. 만년 2등 포털 다음과 국내 최대 모바일 메신저 카카오의 만남은 IT 모바일 시장의 판도를 바꿀 것이라는 시각이 우세하다. 시가총액만 약 4조원으로 추정되는 가운데 이들의 합병은 서로를 위한 ‘윈윈’ 전략이라는 분석이 나오고 있다. 어떠한 시너지 효과를 낼 수 있을 지 관심이 모아지고 있다. 

[1] Watch out Naver, here comes Daum and Kakao.

[2] The merger between Daum, the nation’s second-largest search engine, and Kakao, the most-used mobile messaging service, surprised many observers, who said that it was a “game-changing move” that can potentially shake things up, at least here in Korea.

* merger: 합병
* search engine: 검색엔진
* game-changing move: 판도를 바꿀 변화 

[3] But globally, they may find it challenging to stand out among heavyweights such as Naver, Facebook, Tencent and Google in this mobile age, or even win a foothold in the mobile messaging market dominated by WhatsApp, WeChat and Line.

* stand out: 돋보이다 두드러지다
*heavyweight: 헤비급 선수들
*win a foothold: 발판을 굳히다, 거점을 확보하다 

[4] The 4 trillion won ($3.9 billion) deal, which was more like Kakao taking over Daum, was perceived, nonetheless, to be significant as it marked the first time that a mobile company acquired a PC-based IT firm.

[5] It was also win-win, especially for Kakao chairman Kim Beom-su and Daum founder Lee Jae-woong.

[6] Kim was seeking a return to the PC-based IT world after leaving Naver, while Lee had long sought to find a potential buyer to help Daum make a second leap as it was struggling to find a breakthrough in both the Web portal and mobile markets. 

[7] Rumors had it that Kim left Naver after a falling out with his cofounder Lee Hae-jin, or that Naver became too big for Kim to uphold the venture spirit. Also, Kakao may have opted for a backdoor listing through the merger, instead of launching an initial public offering as it was not able to get the valuation it deserved, an industry insider said.

*fall out: 사이가 틀어지다
*uphold: 유지하다
*opt for: 선택하다
*backdoor listing: 우회상장(경제용어)
* initial public offering: 기업공개, 주식상장
*valuation: 가치 평가 

[8] Daum had long been the subject of market rumors that it was going to sell to Google or Nate, a search engine of SK Communications, in an effort to take on the almighty Naver.

* take on: 맞붙다 격돌하다
* almighty: 전능한, 엄청난 

[9] So far, Daum has not had any luck with its search engine, which has remained in a dismal second place in the market, close to being outpaced by Google amid the rise of mobile technology. And its mobile messaging service MyPeople has remained in the deep dark shadows of KakaoTalk and Naver’s Line.

* dismal: 실적이 좋지 않은
*outpace: 앞지르다 

[10] The merger could certainly widen the gap between Daum and the third player, Nate, which has been suffering losses and has yet to find any synergy with its mobile platform affiliate SK Planet, or propel it to catch up with Naver.

*propel: 나아가다 추진하다 

[11] Naver, which has a market share of over 70 percent, said it welcomed the Kakao-Daum merger as it could spur market competition.

*spur: 자극하다, 박차를 가하다 

[12] Daum and Kakao have a common goal, and that is to go global, which would help them find the synergy they need to boost their capacity both at home and abroad.

* boost: 북돋우다, 촉진시키다 

[13] Although it may be difficult given that they have not borne fruit so far overseas, they can do so by connecting or converging their platforms for a larger number of global consumers.

* borne: bear 의 pp.
*bear fruit: 결실을 맺다 

[14] The market can expect to see some of Daum’s services such as its mobile messaging app handed over to Kakao for management, but is “unlikely to see an immediate platform consolidation” like the MSN Messenger-Skype merger, an industry official said.

*hand over: 넘겨주다, 양도하다
*consolidation: 합병, 통합 




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