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Rock band Monni to release 4th studio album

Monni. (Modern Boy Record)
Monni. (Modern Boy Record)
Korean modern rock band Monni has announced that it will release its fourth studio album “Follow My Voice” on March 18.

Monni’s upcoming release is expected to showcase various emotions such as strength, tenderness, coldness, sweetness and yearning, according to the band’s management agency Modern Rock Record.

The agency said the album was titled “Follow My Voice” in hopes that people will naturally be attracted to the music and “come over when hearing Monni’s sounds.”

The title track “In the Moment” features an energetic and pulsating synth-electronic sound as well as powerful vocals during the bridge.

In contrast, “Dotnaeyo” ― which will drop as a single on March 11 prior to the album’s formal release ― warmly depicts the heart of a man who basks in the memories of a past love that he cannot forget. The song’s title also refers to the Korean phrase “dot-neun-da” which roughly means “budding” or “emerging.”

Monni is scheduled to stage several “Follow My Voice” concerts in Korea during April. The band will perform on April 4-6 in Seoul at Yongsan Art Hall; April 12 in Busan; April 19 in Daegu; and on April 26-27 in Seoul at Hongdae Sangsang Madang Live Hall.

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