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Union calls for Park’s resignation

A militant umbrella labor organization on Friday called for a nationwide general strike and demanded that President Park Geun-hye resign over a police raid on its office.

Some 700 members of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the more militant of the country’s two umbrella unions, staged a rally in central Seoul. The union has more than 690,000 members from sectors including construction and public transport.

“The illegal intrusion into the KCTU is another example of the Park administration’s policy to annihilate the union,” the group said in a statement, vowing to continue fighting for Park’s resignation.

A violent clash occurred between riot police officers and KCTU officials when police officers were deployed to raid the headquarters of the KCTU on Dec. 22.

Police were sent to arrest union leaders of the state-run Korea Railroad Corp. who have been defying summons by prosecutors. The tense standoff lasted for more than two hours before the police whisked away 131 KCTU members.

The union also said that it will continue fighting regardless of a recently-ended strike.

The walkout came to an end on Monday when rival parties cut a deal with the labor union of KORAIL to form a parliamentary subcommittee on preventing the privatization of rail services. (Yonhap News)
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