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JYJ Park Yoo-chun denies dating rumors with a golfer

Park Yoo-chun(left) and Ahn Shin-ae
Park Yoo-chun(left) and Ahn Shin-ae

JYJ’s Park Yoo-chun denied a recent report that he is dating pro golfer Ahn Shin-ae.

Park’s agency CJES Entertainment dismissed the rumors: “Park met Ahn Shin-ae with other acquaintances while he was learning to play golf, but they are not in a relationship.”

Park’s agency and Ahn’s representative requested the public to refrain from speculating over untrue stories. The media spotlight was sparked by a local media report claiming that they were in a serious relationship.

Ahn worked as an official model for the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association in March 2012 and was also awarded the Korea Best Dresser Swan Award for sports in 2011.

By Ha-youn Yoon, Intern reporter