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Kim Jae-joong releases teasers for new album

Teaser image for Jaejoong’s solo album, “WWW.” (C-Jes Entertainment)
Teaser image for Jaejoong’s solo album, “WWW.” (C-Jes Entertainment)
JYJ member Kim Jae-joong unveiled teaser images for his first studio album, “WWW,” on C-Jes Entertainment’s official Facebook page on Monday. “WWW” is set to hit stores on Oct. 29.

Three teaser images were revealed: a photo of the star’s tattooed back bound in white bandages, an IV pack with a watch inside, and a wall covered in scribbles.

The title of the album is short for “Who, When, and Why,” a theme chosen by Kim himself. He participated in writing the lyrics and portrayed his own philosophies on love and freedom on the album.

“He put a lot of his own ideas into the album, and the shoot was really fun. Please look forward to other teasers and the music video which will be coming soon,” said Kim’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment.

Meanwhile, the artist is also planning to hold a tour, “2013 Kim Jae Joong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert,” which will kickoff in Coex in Seoul from Nov. 2.

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