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G-Dragon to release limited-edition LP

Cover of G-Dragon’s “Coup D’etat” limited-edition LP. (YG Entetainment)
Cover of G-Dragon’s “Coup D’etat” limited-edition LP. (YG Entetainment)
K-pop giant G-Dragon will release 8,888 limited-edition LPs of his second studio album “Coup D’etat,” which has been ranking high on music charts ever since its release on Sept. 5.

“We will produce only 8,888 limited-edition LPs because G-Dragon considers the number eight his ‘lucky number,’” a representative for the artist stated.

The artist will also take time to number all of the LPs from one to 8,888 in his own handwriting. The LP will feature special images from his latest exhibition “G-Dragon SPACE 8” and also behind-the-scenes photographs from the making of his music video for “Coup D’etat.”

In 2012, G-Dragon released a limited-edition LP of his first EP “One of a Kind” that was only available overseas.

The latest limited-edition LP will go on sale on Oct. 30.

Meanwhile, the artist appeared in Chinese star Jackie Chan’s charity concert in Hangzhou, China, on Monday. On Wednesday, G-Dragon will be in Shanghai participating in the global music festival “Shanghai W-Bank Music Festival.”

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