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Boyfriend battles burden of good looks in Japanese film

Boyfriend. (Starship Entertainment)
Boyfriend. (Starship Entertainment)
K-pop group Boyfriend attended the premiere of Japanese romantic comedy “GOGO Ikemen 5” at United Cinemas Toyosu in Tokyo on Saturday. The members of Boyfriend play leading roles in the film.

The group landed the roles six months after their Japanese debut with single “Be My Shine” in August 2012.

In “GOGO Ikemen 5,” the five “pretty boys” who excel in sports, academics and looks are tired of girls paying attention only to their looks. When the innocent and pure Kanna, a girl who does not care for outward appearance, enters the scene, all five fall in love with her, thus unfolding a six-way love story.

“GOGO Ikemen 5” was originally released as an e-book on Japan’s novel and comic-sharing community, “E EVERYSTAR.” The e-book gained popularity and went viral, leading to the production of a social game and a full-length book.

“There are five different types of boyfriends in the film, so have fun finding out which type you like the most,” Boyfriend leader Donghyun said at the premiere.

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