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KT&G to launch RAISON ice Presso

RAISON ice Presso
RAISON ice Presso
The nation’s largest tobacco maker KT&G will launch “RAISON ice Presso,” the newest in its decade-old RAISON series, on July 3.

RAISON ice Presso comes with two different flavors, the company said. Its initial coffee taste turns apple mint-fresh as the smoker pops the “ice capsule” within the cigarette.

KT&G noted that the new product is reflective of the success of its predecessor, “RAISON Presso,” that it launched in July 2012, after four years of research and development. RAISON ice Presso is the third generation of RAISON Presso.

RAISON Presso gained popularity among young smokers in college areas, selling over 500 million cigarettes since its launch.

Priced at 2,500 won ($2.30) a pack, RAISON ice Presso contains 6 milligrams of tar and 0.5 milligrams of nicotine.