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N. Korea warns against Seoul activists releasing propaganda leaflets

North Korea warned Saturday that South Korea could face a "miserable fate" if it allows anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets to be flown into its territory from across the border.

The warning from Pyongyang came as a group of North Korean defectors and a U.S.-based human rights agency said last week that they jointly plan to fly leaflets with anti Pyongyang messages into the communist country later in the day from Imjin Pavilion, just south of the western inter-Korean border.

The communist country warned in a report carried by its official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) that South Korea should not forget even for a moment that the pavilion is "within the range of direct sighting strike of the units under command of Korean People's Army."

Activists in the South often send anti-Pyongyang propaganda leaflets, including U.S. dollar bills, via balloons across the border, condemning the autocratic North Korean regime.

Pyongyang has frequently threatened retaliation for the leaflet campaigns but no real action has ever taken place.(Yonhap News)