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[Phrasal Verbs & Idioms] ‘Give’

The usage of 'Give'

1. Give a ride: to drive somebody (태우다)
Can you give me a ride to the airport?

2. Give it a shot: to try to do something (give it a try) (시도해보다)
I am not sure if I can win the contest, but I will give it a shot.

3. Give one’s regards to: to say hello to someone for someone else (~에게 안부전하다)
Give my regards to your father.

4. Give someone a call: to call someone (전화하다)
I will give you a call tomorrow.

A. Complete each sentence with one of the expressions from the box below. Use the correct verb form. 

[give a ride, give it a shot, give one’s regards to, give someone a call]

1. Jason’s father always thought he could be a great baseball player, and encouraged him to ___________.

2 My mother will ___________ me ___________to school tomorrow.

3. Take care. ___________ my ___________ to your parents.

4. You should ___________ me ___________ before you come.

B. Unscramble the words to make a sentence. 

1. gave / her / ride / He / a / downtown.

2. She / know / to / make / it / soup, / but / she / a / shot. / didn’t / how / chicken / gave

3. He / regards. / to / give / his / said / you

4. gave / morning. / She / me / a / call / this

Answer Key A. 

1. give it a shot
2. give, a ride
3. give, regards
4. give, a call

Answer Key B. 

1. He gave her a ride downtown.
2. She didn’t know how to make chicken soup, but she gave it a shot.
3. He said to give you his regards.
4. She gave me a call this morning.