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Korean, U.S. reaffirm N.K. contingency plan

Top South Korean and U.S. military officers reiterated Thursday that the allies would respond firmly to any North Korean provocations in accordance with their recently signed contingency plan.

During their 37th Military Committee Meeting, Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Jung Seung-jo and his U.S. counterpart Gen. Martin Dempsey also reaffirmed that preparations for the transfer of wartime operational control slated for 2015 were “on track.”

Dempsey reiterated the U.S. commitment to defend South Korea, using all available military capabilities, including its nuclear umbrella, conventional strike and missile defense capabilities, Seoul officials said.

The meeting, which was originally planned to occur in Washington, was held through video teleconferencing as the two top officers have focused on maintaining a robust defense posture amid escalating North Korean military threats.