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GIC Culture Tour to visit Naju on April 20

Gwangju International Center will visit Naju for its GIC Culture Tour on April 20.

The tour will stop at the city’s historic East Gate and peruse the nearby market, where braver participants can try the area’s most notorious and pungent delicacy ― fermented skate.

Participants will then move on to Naju Mok Culture Center to learn about the history of the city during the Joseon era.

After a lunch of gomtang ― a soup made with beef bones ― there will be a visit to a Confucian academy where participants can try tea made with the year’s first leaves and take some home.

The last stop will be at a “doenjang town” where those on the tour will get to try making their own bean paste and take some traditionally made soy sauce and bean paste home.

The tour runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and costs 40,000 won for GIC members and 50,000 won for non-members, which covers insurance, transport, lunch and the tea and doenjang experiences.

To go, register by April 17 via For inquiries, contact