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Buy social enterprise products at Gmarket

What about cookies made by bakers with physical disabilities as yuletide gifts?

Gmarket, the nation’s largest online marketplace, and Auction, its sister e-commerce site, are now offering products of over 100 social enterprises for gift shoppers who wish to spend their money for a good cause, eBay Korea, the sites’ operator, and the government said Wednesday.

Their special promotion of social enterprises, for-profit yet social mission-driven companies such as a bakery hiring disabled persons, follows a pact signed earlier this year between eBay and the ministry on promotion of such firms.

“Now, consumers are able to buy products of social enterprises with just a click. We hope that this builds a link between the country’s growing rank of conscientious consumers with good companies,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry will continue striving to expand sales and marketing channels of social enterprises, it added.

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