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Good Neighbors biggest aid NGO in Korea

Good Neighbors activists travel around the world helping people suffering because of natural disasters, poverty and war.

The nongovernmental organization devoted to international relief and development was founded in 1991 by seven people including current chairman Lee Il-ha.

It was granted General Consultative Status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 1996. The highest NGO status of three, including special consultative and roster status, is reserved for large international NGOs whose area of work covers most of the issues on the U.N. and it subsidiary bodies’ agenda. It allows a non-governmental organization to participate in all meetings of the council and its 11 committees, to suggest agenda and to deliver speeches.

Good Neighbors is being monitored and evaluated by the U.N. in order to maintain its status.

It runs 85 offices domestically and 159 offices in 27 nations including Bangladesh, Nepal, Rwanda, Kenya, Haiti and Paraguay.

Volunteers and staff at the international relief group help 1.3 million people in need a year around the world by providing medical aid, food and education as well as promoting children’s rights.

The NGO has dispatched relief workers and goods to regions struck by natural disasters such as Japan, Kenya, Thailand and the Philippines.

It also runs social businesses in Mongolia, Chad, Nepal, Cambodia and Malawi. They utilize appropriate technology in the businesses which is applicable to the local economy and environment. The social business in Mongolia produces environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heaters and distributed 4,000 of them in 2011.

By Kim Young-won (