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Ratings board says it was lied to about Eminem show

The Korea Media Rating Board has filed a complaint with the police against the promoter of Eminem’s Seoul concert for violating a public performance law, officials said on Thursday.

The hip-hop star performed 26 songs at his Aug. 19 concert, including 20 songs rated “inappropriate” for teenagers by the Gender Ministry, the rating board said. Access E&T, Seoul promoter of the show, initially submitted a list of 11 songs that had received the green light from the Gender Ministry, but none of the 11 songs were performed at the show, KMRB said. The ratings board gave the show a PG (age 12 and up) rating because it didn’t have any of harmful songs for youth, it added.
Eminem performs at his Seoul concert on Aug. 19. (Hyundai Card)
Eminem performs at his Seoul concert on Aug. 19. (Hyundai Card)

“The show included performances that were inappropriate for minors such as leading the audience to shout out cuss words (after the performer),” officials said.

Access E&T was not available to comment.

Under the Public Performance Law and the Juvenile Protection Act, those who hold “R-rated” shows or entertainment programs where teenagers are in attendance can be sentenced to less than three years in prison or fined under 20 million won.

The rating board also requested the Songpa-gu district office to take administrative measures against Jamsil Sports Complex where the concert was staged.

Superstar rapper Eminem held his first concert in Seoul two weeks ago, as part of his world tour. The show titled “Hyundai Card Super Series 17 ― Eminem Show” was sponsored by Hyundai Card, a major credit card issuer here.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Card said less than 1 percent of the audience were under 18. It added that the company is not responsible for the matter as it is a sponsor, not a promoter, of the show.

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