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Daewoo E&C supports African ambitions

Following is the fifth in a series of articles about major companies’ social contribution activities at home and abroad. ― Ed.

For Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co., its corporate social responsibility activities in Africa are all about sharing with humanity beyond race and nationality.

Having proceeded with construction deals in local communities of multiple continents for decades, the construction company has employed a variety of community service projects and aid programs to enhance the living conditions of local communities in Africa.

Daewoo’s African CSR projects cover extensive territory, including Morocco, Nigeria, Algeria and Kenya.

The company has supported orphanages and children’s social welfare organizations in El Jadida, Morocco, through its community aid program, “Daewoo-Youth Morocco Program.”
Officials from Daewoo Engineering and Construction pose with local community officials after donating books to a school in Hassasna, Algeria. (Daewoo E&C)
Officials from Daewoo Engineering and Construction pose with local community officials after donating books to a school in Hassasna, Algeria. (Daewoo E&C)

Daewoo has also provided free housing, meals and local translators to the Korean non-profit organization Vision Care, composed of a group of Korean eye doctors who set up the “Free Eye Camp” to offer free medical services in Tinerhir, Morocco, in May.

In Nigeria, the Korean construction company dug a well in Eleme, a small village in Port Harcourt, to relieve the chronic drinking water shortages.

The company installed solar street lamps in Delta, Nigeria, free of charge to build stronger infrastructure for the community. Daewoo’s CSR was mentioned by many local press and media in Nigeria.

The company also gave academic support for Nigerian children, supporting the construction and renovating of school buildings in Bayelsa, Nigeria.

In addition to offering monthly scholarships to needy students in Warri, the construction firm provides anti-malaria medication, living necessities, home appliances and clothing to communities in Nigeria.

Helping African communities recover from natural disasters is another Daewoo CSR goal. The company has donated relief goods and equipment to residents of Jijel, Algeria, who were had exceptionally heavy snowfall in February.

The company launched clean-up events in which the employees and local people cleaned up after the natural disaster.

Algerians and Koreans share a huge passion for soccer, Daewoo said. The company donated soccer uniforms and soccer balls to local teams in Oran, Algeria, because of Algerians’ deep interest in the sport.

Daewoo continues to send children’s books, school supplies and playground items to local schools in Algeria.

“When you look at those kids all so happy with whatever small things we prepared, the happy scene just washes away the fatigue that you get while working away from home,” said Daewoo E&C deputy director Ko Won-jae, who is currently working on a liquefied natural gas project in Arzew, Algeria.

Besides donating funds to the Malaysia Olympic Committee for the construction of a new cricket stadium, the Korean construction company adopted African traditional folk music “Jambo” performed by Jirani Children’s Choir of Kenya as the official soundtrack for its TV commercial in May.

In exchange, the company supported the Kenyan children’s choir. Jirani Children’s Choir is composed of children born and raised in slums, for whom Korean missionaries created the choir.

Daewoo officials said that the company will continue to support local communities through a number of CSR projects and events.

By Chung Joo-won (
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