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Daelim opens apartment sign-ups

Yangdeok e-Pyunhansesang (Daelim Industrial Co.)
Yangdeok e-Pyunhansesang (Daelim Industrial Co.)
Daelim Industrial Co. will be taking applications to buy units in its newly built apartment complex Yangdeok e-Pyunhansesang in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, from Aug. 17, the housing builder said on Wednesday.

Built on about 32,500 square meters of land, the new complex has 637 apartments with five different areas ranging from 84 to 165 square meters.

Daelim says that the Yangdeok region will form a new residential belt, connecting the 1.1-million-square-meter area with 7,570 households and attracting residents from Yangdeok, Jangseong, Jukcheon, Yeonam-dong and Ilwon within Pohang City.

Within a 2- to 4-kilometer radius of the apartment complex are the New Yeongil Bay Harbor and Yeongil Bay Industrial Complex under construction, which Daelim claims will become a thriving cradle for the shipbuilding industry within cities like Ulsan.

Yangdeok e-Pyunhansesang’s units have high ceilings, high space utility and energy efficiency in addition to superior views, lighting and ventilation systems which come from their flat-surfaced structure, the company said.

The scheduled move-in date is September 2013. After completing the application process, the company will announce the list of successful buyer candidates on Aug. 29.

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