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[Announcement] New Korea Herald to be launched Aug. 14

The Korea Herald has established itself as the country’s largest English newspaper over the past six decades by providing quality news and analyses to readers both at home and abroad.

Ahead of the 60th anniversary of The Korea Herald and the 10th anniversary of the renaming of The Herald Business next year, the paper is to unveil a new design and content selection on Aug. 14 to better serve our readers.

The revamped design will offer visually sophisticated and reader-friendly content. The most visually striking change will be the adoption of a six-column format and the changes in the fonts for sub-headlines and bylines.

The front page will see its key components repositioned for greater visual appeal.

Page 2 will be renamed National/Overview and function as an insightful starting point for the readers. To that end, Newsmaker, a daily column, will make a debut, featuring the day’s most important person, company or organization in a concise manner. Graphics news is another new feature of the page.

To provide reader-friendly and informative content, the paper will strengthen its specialized sections. In addition to the existing sections such as Diplomatic Circuit, Expat Living, Voice and Sharing, The Korea Herald is set to provide more in-depth, theme-based news through Science, Education and Environment pages. In addition, new series and content will be introduced in the current sections.

The paper’s pagination will be drastically reorganized as part of efforts to upgrade its content and inject consistency into the new design.

In addition, the paper’s English Update, a four-page section designed to help subscribers learn English more effectively, will adopt a new visual and offer fresh content. 

Page 1 will feature a bigger picture and more sophisticated editing style, while introducing a regular bilingual column for Korea Herald editorials. 

Other pages will similarly be redesigned, with the emphasis placed on simplicity and elegance to help highlight the quality content of English-learning material customized for local Korea Herald readers.