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Ship crash causes oil spill off Incheon

INCEHON (Yonhap News) ― A Chinese cargo vessel crashed into a docking facility in the Incheon harbor on Wednesday, causing an oil spill, the South Korean Coast Guard said.

About 600 liters of bunker C fuel oil have spilled into waters off Incheon on the west coast when the 40,000-ton ship struck the docking facility at about 9:20 p.m. and a big hole was torn in the right side, they said on Thursday.

The spill has been contained around the port area and no casualties have been reported, they added.

“The spill is expected to not spread as the harbor is situated in an inner area that is less affected by tidal currents,” an official said.

The Coast Guard said it has deployed nine ships and helicopters, and set up a floating fence to keep oil from dispersing.

Meanwhile, the officials will question the Chinese sailors to determine the exact cause of the accident.