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NHN introduces translation app

NHN, the operator of Korea’s largest search engine Naver, has developed a proprietary voice-recognition application that enables users to search for foreign language expressions.

Android-based smartphone consumers can access and download the app, named “Link,” which will introduce a list of foreign expressions after they speak into their phone in Korean.

When users say, for instance, “hello” or “could you check in my luggage, please” in Korean, the Link app will translate and show how to say the phrase in 13 foreign languages, including English, Spanish and Chinese.

The app is expected to find use among outbound travelers for communicating with overseas residents.

NHN has set up an exhibition booth at Incheon International Airport where Korean travelers can experience the new app before going abroad.

The free-version app has some 2,000 basic expressions that can be used in airports, hotels, restaurants and on public transit overseas, while the paid-version has more than 4,000.

The company said that it plans to offer such an app on Apple iOS smartphones from August.

By Park Hyong-ki (