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Philip Morris’ new menthol-taste product

Parliament Hybrid 2 in 1

Parliament Hybrid 2 in 1
Philip Morris International Korea added a new menthol-scented product, Parliament Hybrid 2 in 1, to its line-up of on Thursday.

The new product has a special capsule inserted within each filter which, once broken, releases a taste of menthol.

Smokers can twist-and-break the inserted menthol filter for stronger menthol taste, whereas those who prefer classic cigarettes can leave the capsule unbroken, the company said.

Parliament Hybrid 2 in 1 is “rich both in the classical taste of cigarette and the mint flavor,” the company said, stressing the difference between before and after breaking the menthol capsule.

Priced at 2,700 won ($2.35) per pack, the new Parliament contains 5.0 milligrams of tar and 4.0 milligrams of nicotine.

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