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Musicians in tune for CLASH charity event

More than 15 artists are set to perform at a charity music night in Seoul this Saturday.

The “CLASH” event ― with the tagline “Two worlds collide for the greater good” ― aims to bring together not only the expat and Korean communities, but also two different musical styles, to provide support for victims of sexual violence in Africa.

A percentage of the proceeds raised from the event at Freebird in Hongdae from 7:30 p.m. to midnight will go to the Nabi (Butterfly) Fund to help women who are the victims of war and violence around the world.

The fund was created by victims of Japanese military sexual slavery Kim Bok-dong and Gil Won-ok in coordination with the Korean Council for the Women Drafted into Military Sexual Slavery by Japan to support other rape survivors. It supports the work of Rebecca Masika Katsuva on behalf of the women and children who are victims of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Katsuva, who is a rape survivor herself, created the association in 1999 to help others like her rebuild their lives.

A percentage from the 15,000 won door sales, on top of money donated throughout the event, will go to the Butterfly Fund. A select amount of tickets can be bought in advance for the same price, with free entrance to the after party at Club 500 included.

A host of artists from the Korean and expat rock and hip-hop scenes are set to take part. Korean hip-hop groups the Young Bloods and artists Degalo and Feloney; expat hip-hop artist Pinnacle TheHustler and his band will perform as well as DA Green feat. 20 Minutes. 
Pinnacle TheHustler
Pinnacle TheHustler
Beatboxer Skizzo
Beatboxer Skizzo

“RFD and I wanted to do the Clash event because we just enjoy giving back to the community,” said Pinnacle TheHustler ahead of the event. “The last one was fun and successful so we were eager to participate again. You can always expect a high-energy performance from us.“

He will be playing songs from his new mixtape, BBQ Party Jam Sessions, which is free for download at

Korean rock bands Soundwash and DamDam Band will also play.

“We always love to have gigs for good reasons such as CLASH,” a Soundwash member said. “We’re going to show a passionate, exciting performance just like last time at CLASH. We hope this could offer a little help to the Nabi Fund.”

Also playing are world music band the Willman Band along with expat band Chanter’s Alley. 
Chanter’s Alley bagpipe player Trevor Gardner
Chanter’s Alley bagpipe player Trevor Gardner

“We played in the first CLASH show in March and we had a really great time, so we volunteered to play again,” said Trevor Gardner, who plays bagpipes and harmonica for Chanter’s Alley. “We are always up for helping out a good cause, and to us the thrill of performing is compensation enough. People can expect our performance to be fast and fun, showing an upbeat side of punk rock that many people are simply unaware of. And yes, there will be bagpipes!”

Opening up the show are singer Abby Krause, hip-hop artist GMO and acoustic artist YK Lee. Other featured artists include expat beatboxer Skizzo and expat hip-hop artist Lyric.

“I’m happy to be performing at CLASH for a second time,” said Skizzo, who also performed at the first edition of the event, which raised money for the Korean Unwed Mothers and Families Association.

“I often performed at charity events in Hawaii, where I normally live, and to do so in Korea has been a privilege,” he added.

“I’m doing something a little different this time around, so anybody who catches my performance on Saturday will see a white guy rapping original verses in Korean alongside two of Korea University’s best rappers. And of course, there will also be beatboxing.”

There will also be a raffle at the event with items donated by local artists Wilfred Lee, Adam Palmeter and Chad Blue, as well as a make-up and photo session with Tessa Jeon and Chris Backe. The event is sponsored by Itaewon Open Mic and ICONZ Media LLC.

Go to to find out more about the event or go to for more information on The Korean Council.

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