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Trial continues for Han Sung-ju assault lawsuit

By Korea Herald

Published : June 6, 2012 - 13:53

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The fourth hearing for the trial involving former TV anchor and Miss Korea Han Sung-ju and her ex-boyfriend, Taiwanese-American Christopher Xsu, took place at Seoul Central District Court on Monday.

Xsu claims that he was beaten and held in a room with Han and seven men for eight hours, as well as blackmailed into signing a contract that he would not speak to the press about her. He filed a lawsuit against Han in December last year on charges of physical assault.

Han’s lawyer acknowledged that Han had been in the room with Xsu and six men for eight hours, but denied any charges of physical violence.

“Yes, they were with Xsu, but no assault ever took place,” said Han’s attorney to the court.

Xsu’s lawyer presented the court with a hospital statement of treatment he received after the alleged beating.

Xsu’s mother, who had originally planned to attend the trial as a witness, was not present after cancelling at the last minute.

Han has filed a defamation suit in response to the scandal.

The next hearing is expected to be July 21.

By Sim Guk-by
Intern Reporter


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