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Iron Mic helps disabled kids to school

An Iron Mic night is being held to raise cash for a home for disabled school kids.

Three boys from Angel House have been accepted to start school. The center outside of Seoul is home to children and adults with disabilities.

Two 11 year olds and one 9 year old from the community have been accepted to school to give them the chance to overcome their disabilities and get an education.

The boys, who have all lived at Angel House since they were infants, require money for school supplies, diapers and other necessities to allow them to go to class.

The fund-raising Iron Mic session will be held for them on April 7 at the Genie Ultra Lounge in Itaewon. Regulars will perform at the event, with the stage also open to freestyle emcees.

A minimum 5,000 won donation is sought at the door for the event set to start at 10 p.m.