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Lisa Ono’s first album in Japanese

Lisa Ono’s first album in Japanese

Lisa Ono


(Universal Music)

The Japanese-only version of Lisa Ono’s new album “Japo” hit the shelves on Jan. 25 in Korea. It is her first album featuring Japanese songs rearranged and sung by the artist in Japanese.

Ono, an established Bossa Nova singer popular around the world, has previously only released albums in English and Portuguese.

The album features 12 hit songs rearranged by Ono with her unique music style.

Born in Sao Paulo, Ono moved to Tokyo with her family when she was 10. Influenced by her father who owned a Brazilian restaurant there, she began singing at the venue and debuted as a professional Bossa Nova singer in 1989. Her sweet voice, rhythmic guitar playing and friendly appearance have mesmerized fans in Japan, as well as Korea. Ono will meet Korean fans for the first time in six years at her concert at the Seoul Arts Center on March 4.

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