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NK defector gets jail for raping fellow defector


Published : Jan. 17, 2012 - 15:53

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A local court here said Tuesday it has sentenced a male North Korean defector to three years behind bars for raping a female fellow defector in the course of escaping from the communist country.

The court also ordered that his identity and personal information be disclosed on the Internet for five years.

The 37-year-old man, identified only with his family name Nahm, was convicted of raping the 26-year-old woman in May 2011 while both were staying at a temporary shelter arranged by a broker for North Korean defectors in the northeastern Chinese city of Yanji.

They were waiting there to be secretly transported to South Korea for resettlement.

"The defendant raped the victim while she was in a difficult state due to risks like being arrested as a North Korean defector.

And he deserves a stern punishment for that," court records said.

The man, who defected from the North in September 2010, threatened the woman saying that the Chinese security police would arrest and send them back to the North if she yelled, according to the records. (Yonhap News)


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탈북중 동료여성 성폭행, 남한 오자 감방

의정부지법 형사합의11부(박인식 부장판사)는 탈북과정에서 20대 여성탈북자를 성폭행한 혐의(강간)로 기소된 북한이탈주민 남모(37)씨에게 징역 3년을 선고했다고 17일 밝혔다.

또 피고인 남씨의 신상정보를 정보통신망에 5년 동안 공개해야 한다고 판결했다.

재판부는 "피고인은 탈북자로서 체포 위험 등으로 궁박한 처지에 있던 피해자를 협박해 강간한 것으로, 죄질이 불량해 엄히 처벌해야 한다"고 선고 이유를 밝혔다.

재판부는 "다만 피고인이 동종전과가 없고 자신의 잘못을 반성하는 점을 참작했다"고 덧붙였다.

남씨는 2010년 9월 북한에서 탈출, 2011년 5월8일 탈북 브로커가 제공한 중국

옌지(延吉)시의 한 집에 잠시 머물던 중 같은 탈북자인 A(26.여)씨를 보고  "소리치 면 중국 공안에 체포돼 북한으로 돌아가야 한다"고 협박한 뒤 성폭행한 혐의로 기소 됐다.