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Music to raise awareness of N.K. rights

A Christian musician is seeking other artists to join him on an international tour to raise awareness about North Korean human rights.

David K. O’Hannah is planning to tour church venues in the U.S. and Europe from early 2012.

He has written North Korea-related songs that have been used at rights rallies in Seoul and is releasing an album shortly.

He is seeking to contact musicians, sound engineers and crew to support him on all or part of the tour as well as people to help him create an online presence and translate his songs into Korean.

The musician is seeking instrumentalists to join him to give his concerts greater impact and help audiences “feel North Korea’s pain.”

He said: “The goal of the tour is twofold. We want to raise awareness of the human rights of the North Korean people, and to move people to donate to Free North Korea Radio and the balloon launches of the Fighters for a Free North Korea.”

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