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On foreign players ...

On foreign players ...

If I start with the conclusion, I think more foreign players should be allowed in the K-League.

Competition among players would be keener, increasing their performance in the league.

But, because if we allowed foreign player without a limit, the national players would lose out, I think allowing 1-2 more foreign players from the present 4 players is proper.

There is one more thing to talk about concerning the K-League,

Look at the English Premier League. In the Premier League, the number of foreign players is not restricted. But no one would argue that the Premier League is not top-notch in performance, spectator numbers and so on.

The problem is not foreign players’ number but systems such as promoting young players, government support and so on.

Imagine the scene of Lionel Messi scoring a goal at Sangam World Cup Stadium. Surely, this is a long way off. But the foreign viewers as well as domestic viewers would be excited to see it.

― So Kyung-suu, Seoul

On the Jeju naval base ...

I visited Jeju in June. I have read the history of the island, about what happened in 1948, and the tragedy of 4/3. Every U.S. tourist should go to the peace museum. Jeju is the Island of Peace for a reason and if the people of the island democratically oppose this Naval base their wishes should be respected. Both mainland Korea and the U.S. owe the people of this beautiful island a great debt we can never pay.

― MacGregor Eddy, Salinas, California, USA, via Facebook

I was born in France and currently live in Gangjeong village, on Jeju island where this military complex is under forced construction. My disappointment with the unconscious South Korean political leadership reached such a level that I wrote a letter to President Lee (available on my Facebook page), and I am still waiting an answer somehow to this letter. I wonder how and why some decision makers constantly keep on torturing our planet, our life, our marvelous heritage. Those leaders, are they really humans? We, humans, should be more concerned and involved into leaving a decent and harmoniously advanced legacy to our next generations. Otherwise, life on earth might become a robotic nightmare, where love, creation and inspiration would be banned. So I encourage you to come urgently to visit us and taste the endangered spirit of the genuine locals as well as their sweet tangerines (as it is the harvest season now). Celebrating and protecting life on Earth. Sustainable peace on Earth.

Benj D’Amour, Jeju, via Facebook

I don’t know exactly why it needs to be on Jeju, but I think there is a solution that can accommodate the protesters and military forces. Jeju is a beautiful island that has many tourist attractions. Nevertheless, a lack of alternatives forces us to build the military place although it inevitably disturbs its scenery.

― Lee Eui-hye, via Facebook
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