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About 130 gangsters nabbed in first week of police crackdown


Published : Oct. 31, 2011 - 15:00

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Police said Monday that they have rounded up nearly 130 criminal gangsters in the first week after declaring a war on organized gangs.

On Oct. 25, Cho Hyun-oh, commissioner general of the National Police Agency (NPA), ordered police officers to aggressively use all means available, including firearms, to subdue violent gang members after police officers in Incheon, west of Seoul, came under fire for passively responding to a bloody fight between rival gangs.

Over the past week, 127 criminal gangsters have been detained nationwide, with 24 of them put under arrest, police said.

Some 130 gangsters from the two different groups were involved in an altercation on Oct. 21 at a hospital in downtown Incheon, with one gang member severely injured after being stabbed.

According to witnesses, dozens of police officers called to the scene only stood by and watched for about two hours, even as scuffles broke out. The police officers concerned, however, denied the witness accounts later.

Among the gangsters nabbed this past week, 84 of them, or 66 percent, were booked for assault charges, while 27 others, or 21.3 percent, were caught for economic offenses, according to the NPA.

In a raid on a gang in Gyeongju, some 370 kilometers southeast of Seoul, 32 members were arrested for frequently obstructing a bar in the city that refused to give them money, according to the police.

The intensive police operations aimed at rooting out organized gangsters across the nation will continue through the end of this year, the NPA said. (Yonhap News)


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경찰 '조폭과 전쟁' 1주일만에 127명 검거

경찰이 조폭과 전쟁을 선언한 지 1주일 만에 12 7명을 검거하고 24명을 구속했다고 31일 밝혔다.

검거 대상자를 유형별로 보면 폭력을 행사한 경우가 84명으로 가장 많고 경제침 해범죄 27명, 위화감 조성 1명, 서민상대 갈취범 1명 등이다.

부산 경찰은 동구 국제호텔 정문 앞에서 조폭 25명이 검은색 양복을 입고  늘어 서 90도 인사를 하는 등 위화감을 조성하는 행위를 제지하는 과정에서 경찰관의  멱 살을 잡은 2명을 지난 25일 현행범으로 체포해 28일 구속했다.

경북지방경찰청 광역수사대는 경주 보문관광단지에서 보호비 요구를 거절한  유 흥업소를 상대로 상습적으로 업무를 방해하는 등 집단 폭력을 행사한 경주지역 폭력 조직 'OO파'의 조직원 32명을 검거했다.

경찰은 지난 24일부터 12월31일까지 2개월여간을 조직폭력 특별단속기간으로 설 정하고 16개 지방청 긴급회의를 여는 등 대대적인 소탕 작업을 진행 중이다.