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On overseas adoption...

Why not? If babies can’t find a home here, there are tons of families around the world who would welcome a child of their own! The flipside I guess would be a loss of Korean identity. The foreign adoptive parents might not foster a sense of Korean identity in their child once he or she has grown up. Nonetheless, if the child can not be placed in Korea, the best alternative is to find a family, any family, who will welcome them and love them.

― Desiree Althea Cooper, Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, via Facebook

I think that if the adoptees can’t find their comfortable home in Korea, they should be sent to other countries for happiness. There is a saying, blood is thicker than water. They will not forget their natural parents and hometown even if they suffer from identity confusion. I am sure they will live a global life, not forgetting their roots. We definitely feel heartbroken in sending them far away. We should not forget their happiness is a top priority.

― Kim Hyoung-gu, Seoul, via Facebook

I would like to suggest the middle ground between these two options (overseas adoption or life in an orphanage). Since it is hard to find a lot of adopters to help them find babies in Korea, we should keep babies in an orphanage for a while until the adoption center finds a parent for the baby.

There should be a center which specializes in international adoption and finding Korean babies in orphanages. I bet that the adopters will adore the baby even more than the orphanage staff so this international adoption program should be planned out fast and well here in Korea.

― Yuh Yun-sung, Daegu, via Facebook
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