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Samsung, Apple clash in Seoul court

Samsung and Apple locked horns once again over a Samsung patent technology used in two of the world’s best selling smart phones as a third open trial was held at the Seoul Central District Court on Friday.

The iPhone maker denied having used Samsung’s patented technology without permission while Samsung strived to prove its novelty and innovation.

The hot potato was Samsung’s “patent 234,” which can reduce data damage during wireless transmission.

“The 234 patent resolved the relevant problems without damaging the algorithm of the current standard system. It is like multiple packaging. It is safe: Data can be transmitted whatever it is. That is why it was acknowledged internationally,” said an attorney of Samsung’s.

However, Apple denied that the patent was novel. “The solution was widely known in the IT industry and there is nothing new to it,” an Apple solicitor said. “As Samsung admitted, it is just a little add up to the existing technology. It is barely patent-worthy,” he added.

The two companies, once was in a cooperative mood, have been engaged in a slew of legal battles around Asia, Europe and the United States.

Last week, an Australian court ruled in favor of Apple, imposing a temporary sales ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

“It is a tough battle, but the patent is ours. We are sure to win,” a Samsung official was quoted as saying to a local daily.

The next court date on the case is scheduled on Dec. 9.

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