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Readers’ voice

On mandatory quotas...

It seems wrong to make a bill. However it is obvious many women have trouble getting promoted and feel prejudice in Korean society. Women have even more obstacles in many ways than men in South Korea.

― Kim Hyeong-goo, Seoul via Facebook

Absolutely! Equal rights for all! There are just as many intelligent, hard-working, educated women as there are men!

― Holly Hamilton, Gunpo, via Twitter

From my point of view, Korean companies should not be forced to hire women to executive boards. As the world changes, equality is being properly taught to our younger generation unlike in the old days. However, if the government forces companies to hire more people, there will be revolts throughout the companies due to the fact that there might be better male workers out there than the female workers the companies had to hire. This kills the rights of the companies to expand their profits by hiring better employees.

But it is true that there is some discrimination when it comes down to choosing people. To respect the companies’ rights and allow women the same chances as men, the government should not set strong restrictions by law but rather try to find something subtle and mild guidelines for companies to follow.

For example, the government can ask the company to make sure to include a female adjudicator when selecting employees and give incentives to companies who follow this. There are many ways we can ask companies to hire female workers rather than restricting them just by law.

― Yuh Yun-sung, Daegu, via Facebook

On K-pop breaking the U.S. ...

I think there maybe be some buzz but it’s not American culture to listen to songs without English lyrics. And if the English is not crisp it would be a hard sell and come off a bit cheesy. I personally like it ... but I also live in Korea, which is a different world.

― Chas Davis, Bucheon, via Facebook

On a Seoul court’s rape ruling ...

Four men were sentenced to three years in prison, suspended for four, for raping a 12-year-old girl. ― Ed.

They all should spend 10 times as long in jail, with the judge. The Korean legal system once again sides with the rapists.

― Tim Milton, Seoul, via Twitter