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Kim Dong-wan and Ha Yu-mi top sharers

Pop star Kim Dong-wan of K-pop group Shinhwa, actress Ha Yu-mi and 20 other citizens were selected as “Nanumin (sharer) of the month” by the Ministry of Health and Welfare on Tuesday.

At the award ceremony held at the Press Center in central Seoul, Vice Minister Choi Won-young and 12 recipients shared their passion for charity.

Kim was noted for his years-long involvement in looking after low-income elderly people living alone. He has donated 200 tons of rice to international charity groups; 20 million won to the earthquake-stricken Sichuan Province in China and Fukushima Prefecture in Japan; and 12 million won for residents of Yeonpyeongdo, which North Korea shelled last November.

Ha has held many charity balls for breast cancer patients, donated 100 million won for the Yeonpyeongdo residents and involved herself in various other activities.

Alongside the two celebrities were Park Man-hee, who has washed disabled people’s clothes for over a decade and donated handmade kimchi and other food to elderly people as well as bathing sick people at hot springs; retired schoolteacher Chung Moon-young who has dedicated himself to supporting juvenile delinquents’ rehabilitation and elderly abuse prevention campaigns; and more.

“I hope these people will set an example to the younger generation and promote the sharing culture within society,” Choi said. 

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