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On dog meat ...

We eat many animals, why should dogs get special treatment? Perhaps because of their intelligence? Scientists tell us pigs are actually smarter, and yet we eat pork. Their status as a popular pet? Again, pigs can be pets as well (Charlotte’s Web anyone?) Admittedly inhumane treatment sometimes occurs in the raising and preparation of dog meat, but that’s all the more reason for legalization and regulation of the industry rather than pushing it into the crueler darker shadows of the black market. I understand and respect some people’s arguments in favor of total vegetarianism, but to single out one animal for special protection just because it’s cute seems naive at best or culturally imperialistic at worst.

― James Moyer, Anyang, via Facebook

I don’t think it should be banned, but I absolutely think it should be regulated. As I understand it, dog meat is not regulated due to pressure from various groups. There used to be a dog butcher shop by my old gym. That place was hands-down the most unsanitary place I’ve ever seen, and I’ve spent a good deal of time in third world countries.

― Chris Sanders, Seoul, via Facebook

Banning dog meat only has the effect of driving it underground in a country that barely enforces the rules on the books. Besides, it wouldn’t be available if people weren’t demanding it.

― Chris Backe, Seoul, via Facebook

I love dogs and don’t eat it myself but if they’re humanely treated then I don’t care if others enjoy it. A dog is still an animal.

― Cory Olson, Yeosu, via Twitter
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