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Cat survives after being shot with 30 bullets


A cat in Britain survived after being shot by 30 air gun bullets, the Daily Mail reported.

When the owner found the pet, Hope, bleeding, he assumed that she had been attacked by a dog.

After being transferred to a vet, it was then revealed that her body was full of gunshot wounds. Most damage was on her back, with four bullets in her head.

Medical specialists removed some 10 fragments, but gave up removing a few for fear it would cause further complications.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) opened an investigation into the case.

RSPCA inspector Amy Collingsworth said, “Hope is a really friendly and lovely cat, and it is hard to understand why someone would want to shoot an innocent animal.

“The RSPCA is investigating this incident and we would appeal to anyone who has any information regarding this shooting to contact us.”

The RSPCA reported 567 cases of animal abuse involving guns last year alone.

Hope is recovering and expected to return home soon.

By Kang Yoon-seung
Intern reporter

<한글 요약>

아이언캣? 총알30발 맞고도  살아남아

영국의 한 고양이가 무려 총알 30발을 맞고 생존한 사실이 밝혀져 화제가 되고 있다.

주인은 고양이 “희망(Hope)”이 발견 당시 상태가 너무 심각해 개들에게 공격 당한 것으로 생각했다고 했다.

왕립동물학대방지협회 (RSPCA) 관계자는 “Hope은 아주 친밀하고 사랑스러운 고양이다. 이렇게 무고한 동물을 대체 누가 왜 쏘았는지 모르겠다”고 밝히면서 이 사건에 대한 제보를 기다린다고 말했다.

동물에 대한 가학 행위가 종을 가리지 않고 난무하는 가운데, 작년에 만 RSPCA는 약 567건의 총기 관련 학대 사건을 접수했다.

한편 문제의 고양이는 현재 치료를 받고 회복하는 중 이다.