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Council caretaker trafficked underage children

Council caretaker Anthony Harrison, 32, is alleged to have raped two trafficked girls who were subjected to African black magic rituals, court reports have said.

A British court heard that ceremonies were made by a Juju priest in Nigeria so that the girls would be permanently bonded to lives of slavery. Juju rituals are greatly feared in Nigeria because of the priests’ perceived power to control the victims.

Woolwich Crown Court heard that during the rituals, the 16-year-old girl was stripped then slashed with a razor so that the priest could collect her blood. Later the priest tied her up and put her in a coffin, pouring the blood over her and shaved her body hair, jurors were told. The priest forced her to eat the raw heart of a chicken then threatened that he would go into her dreams and kill her if she did not obey his commands, the court heard.

The 14-year-old was also forced to eat a raw chicken heart and white clay, the court report also said.

The girls were said to have then been flown to Britain in 2009 on false documents, where Harrison – described as a “key player” in the trafficking ring -- is alleged to have raped them before trying to pass them on to traffickers in Spain and Greece to work in the sex industry.

Harrison is also said to have starved and threatened to kill and the 16-year-old girl before raping her. He is also accused for beating the 14-year-old.

The girls were groomed then given scripts by the traffickers to tell immigration that they were fleeing Nigeria for being lesbians. However, Harrision denied in court that he was involved in the act. The trial continues.

By Christopher Kim
Intern Reporter

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주술사, 여아들 성노예로 살도록 고문-주문걸어

영국 한 지방의회 관리인이 아프리카 여자 아이들을 인신매매하고, 성폭행한 혐의로 체포됐다고 영국 데일리 메일이 보도했다. 

보도에 따르면 재판과정에서 이 관리인은 피해 여아들에게 비인간적인주술을 걸었다고 진술했다고 한다.  

이러한 주술은 나이지리아의 주주 주술가에 의해서 만들어진 것으로 여자아이들이 영원히 노예로 살도록 주문을 걸었다고 한다. "주주"라는 서 아프리카 주술은 사제의 위력이 막강해서 모든사람들이 두려워했다고 한다. 

이번사건의 피해자중 14세 여아는 주술사에 의해 닭의 심장과  백토(白土)를 억지로 먹는 등 엽기적인 행각의 피해자가 됐다. 

사제는 자신의 말을 거역할 시 꿈에 나타나 죽이겠다고 협박했다고 법원은 전했다. 

16세, 14세 되는 여아들은 인신매매범들에게 나중에 입국소에서 나이지리아에서 레즈비언이라는 이유로 강제출국당했고, 거짓말하라고 지시받았다. 

성폭행 혐의로 체포된 영국 남성 앤서니 해리슨은 이번 사건에 연루된 것을 부정하고 있으나 아프리카 여아 인신매매조직과 연루가 된것으로 보인다고 현지 경찰은 밝혔다. 

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