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Ban's second-term bid endorsed by Security Council

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is almost certain to succeed in his pursuit of a second term after the Security Council on Friday unanimously adopted a resolution of support.

   If Ban, a South Korean national, is appointed by the U.N.
General Assembly in a formal vote, expected Tuesday, he will
continue to lead the 192-member organization through 2016.

   "The Security Council adopted by acclamation the following
resolution: Security Council, having considered the question of the
recommendation for the appointment of the secretary-general of the
United Nations, recommends to the General Assembly that Mr. Ban
Ki-moon be appointed secretary-general of the United Nations for a
second term of office from Jan. 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2016," said
Ambassador Nelson Messone of Gabon, which holds the panel's
rotating presidency.

   Ban, formerly a top Seoul diplomat, declared his bid for a
second-term last year and drew public support from all five
standing members of the Security Council.

   He also garnered overwhelming backing from Asian and African
nations, although Cuba and some South American nations initially
took a lukewarm stance, delaying the passage of the recommendation
resolution by a day.

   "The voice by some South American nations was a gesture to
publicize their existence in the U.N.," a U.N. official said,
requesting anonymity. "There is no change in Secretary-General
Ban's thought that he will achieve re-election blessed with the
support from the entire 192 member states."

   If Ban is re-elected, South Korea's Foreign Minister Kim
Sung-hwan will attend the U.N. General Assembly to deliver a speech
congratulating the appointment and supporting Ban's successful
activities as the U.N. chief, his ministry said Saturday.

   Kim will hold a separate meeting with Ban and host a reception
for foreign diplomats in the U.N., in celebration of Ban's
re-election after the Assembly, the ministry said. (Yonhap News)

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