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Man kills neighbor’s dog with pesticide for being too noisy

A man was booked without detention for allegedly feeding pesticide to a neighbor’s dogs for being too noisy, Daejeon Jungbu Police Station reported.

The accused, identified by his surname Ahn, was irritated by several dogs in his neighbor’s yard.

Although Ahn filed complaints to the local government several times, the problem continued until he decided to resolve the issue by himself.

Eventually, he fed the animals chicken bones covered with toxic chemicals, killing seven dogs. The victims were purebred Poonsan, a species native to Korea, and were worth around $5,000.

An official from police told reports “The owner became suspicious when Ahn was feeding a packed meal to the dogs.” Although no poison was found in that food, the police was able to discover his previous wrong doings.

By Kang, Yoon-seung
Intern reporter

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“시끄럽다” 개 살충제 먹여죽인 60대 입건

대전 중부경찰서는 15일 평소 짖는 소리가 시끄럽다며 이웃집 개들에게 살충제를 먹여 죽인 혐의(재물손괴)로 안모(62.대전 중구)씨를 불구속 입건했다.

경찰에 따르면 안씨는 지난해 9월19일 대전시 중구 대사동 자신의 이웃집 마당에서 집주인 A(52)씨가 키우던 개들이 시끄럽게 짖어댄다며 닭뼈에 살충제를 묻혀 먹게하는 방법으로 두 차례에 걸쳐 풍산개 7마리(시가 470만원)를 죽인 혐의를 받고있다.

경찰조사 결과 안씨는 평소 이웃집 개들이 심하게 짖어 구청 등에 신고를 했지만 해결되지 않자 이같은 일을 꾸민 것으로 조사됐다.

경찰 관계자는 “안씨는 최근 이웃집 개들에게 먹다남은 도시락을 주려다가 이를 수상히 여긴 A씨의 신고로 덜미가 잡혔다”며 “이 도시락에는 독극물은 없었다”고 말했다.