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Rarely seen Algerian art on display

Algerian art is continuously evolving thanks to the contribution of successive Algerian civilizations.

It is a blend of religion, the spoken language, literature and music.

To view a small glimpse into a tradition that dates back thousands of years, the Algerian Embassy set up a small, all be it, rich art exhibition.

Running until June 16, the exhibition showcases paintings on ceramics, traditional artifacts and pictures that the embassy hopes will attract and entice.

“The diplomat’s job, whatever its level, is to contribute to the establishment of harmonious ties between his country and the host country,” said Algerian Ambassador Hocine Sahraoui.

This is the aim of this exhibition at the Seoul Tourism Organization office in Myeong-dong.

The exhibition encompasses three aspects, explained Sahraoui.

“The first is a glazing of ceramics which is a peculiar artistic form mainly developed in Algeria, either being expressionist or calligraphic,” he said.

The rich and vivid artworks in Algeria are largely found in famous art galleries the world over.

Algerian art is influenced by the Berbers, Arabic-Muslims and oriental cultures as well as nuances of Turkish and Hispano-Moorish influences.

Alongside the ceramics is a photo exhibition that shows the diversity of Algeria’s landscape.

“Not many people know it, but we have snow-covered mountains as well as beaches and the desert,” noted Sahraoui.

Algeria is blessed with 1,200 kilometers of beaches stretching along the Mediterranean Sea.

The exhibition also displays handicrafts hardly seen in this part of the world and traditional dresses that were specially donated for this occasion by the ambassador’s wife.

“Discovering the beauty of a country, the sensibility of its artists, the multifaceted aspects of its cultural heritage, contributes to a better understanding of each other and will have a positive influence on the relationship,” he said.

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