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Toilets are back in town

Hundreds of quake-stricken New Zealand households banned from flushing their toilets are now free to flush again.

Some 40,000 homes in Christchurch have not been able to flush their toilets ever since a massive earthquake hit the nation in February. After two months of lavatory inconvenience, 860 households are now able to enjoy the benefits of flushing toilets once more. And 15,000 other households are set to enjoy the luxury again in the next few weeks.

Christchurch residents had been advised to use chemical toilets or portable loos on the street rather than flushing their toilets following the earthquake. However, as efforts to repair the sewage system are in full gear, those still using the chemical toilets will have working lavatories restored within six months.

A Christchurch resident was reported as saying that flushing the loo is a “luxury you don’t realize.” On the other hand, some residents have been able to flush their toilets freely since just 12 days after the earthquake.

Repairing the sewage systems was taking different amounts of time in different areas. Some households in Eastern Christchurch may have to wait up to four months to flush again.

Although sewage systems will be returned to homes within the next few months, full restoration could take up to a few years.

By Yun Suh-young (

Intern Reporter


뉴질랜드 크라이스트처치 지진으로 화장실물조차 내릴수 없던 주민들에게 희소식이 알려졌다. 다시 화장실 변기물을 내릴수 있게된것.

강진 이후 이 도시주민들은 수돗물이 나오지 않아 화장실 사용은 물론 식수조차 구하기 힘든 상황이었다.

그동안 주민들은 화학물을 사용하거나 간이 화장실을 사용하며 불편을 참아왔다.

하지만 완전한 하수도 문제를 해결할때까지는 몇년 더 걸릴것으로 보인다고 현지언론들은 보도했다.