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’Greatest filial duty is lower tuition’

With Parents’ Day coming up on May 8, most of Korean college students claimed that the best filial duty is lower tuition fees, according to a recent survey.

Korean recruitment website Alba’s survey of some 1,323 university students on filial duty found that 46.7 percent were concerned about the price of their tuition fees. A further 15.3 percent responded that ‘having conversations’ was an important filial duty in the survey while another 7.3% said ‘making allowances’ were important.

Concerning the question ‘what do you want to say the most to parents?’ about 33.6 percent replied ‘I love you,’ followed by 14.8 percent who wanted to say ‘watch out for your health,’ and 16.6 percent wanting to tell parents ‘I will do better.’

About 31 percent said they were not doing their duty as sons and daughters, while a quarter replied positively.

The survey also found that 29.2 percent of respondents felt guilty about their behavior when they ‘yelled at parents’ and 23.1 percent felt guilty about ‘receiving allowances.’

By Kang Yoon-seung


Intern reporter

<관련 한글 기사>

대학생들에게 최고 효도란?

대학생 46.7% “최고 효도는 학비부담 줄이기”

(서울=연합뉴스) 임형섭 기자 = 아르바이트 포털 알바천국은 전국 대학생 1천323명을 대상으로 ‘최고의 효도는 무엇인가’라는 주제로 설문한 결과 가장 많은 46.7%가 ‘학비 부담을 줄이기’를 꼽았다고 6일 밝혔다.

‘취업하기’라는 응답이 28.1%로 뒤를 이었고 ‘대화상대 해 드리기’(15.3%), ‘용돈 드리기’(7.3%) 등의 순으로 답변이 나왔다.

부모에게 가장 하고 싶은 말로는 ‘사랑합니다’가 33.6%로 1위를 기록했으며, ‘건강 잘 챙기세요.’(14.8%), ‘앞으로 잘할게요’(16.6%), ‘제 걱정하지 마세요’(9.6%) 등의 응답이 이어졌다.

스스로 효도를 하고 있느냐는 질문에는 ‘그렇지 않다’(31.5%)고 생각하는 대학생이 ‘그렇다’(26.3%)고 응답한 대학생보다 많았다.

불효하고 있다는 생각이 드느 때로는 ‘부모님께 화낼 때’(29.2%), ‘성적이 안 좋을 때’(23.1%), ‘가정환경을 탓할 때’(17.2%), ‘용돈을 받을 때’(11.4%) 등을 꼽았다.