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Girl caged by parents found eating own skin

U.S. police rescued a disabled six-year-old who was kept in a cage by her parents for months and almost starved to death.

The girl, who has Down syndrome, was eating the flaky skin of her forehead when she was found by Virginia police, Mail Online reported.

Her parents were also accused of burying another child of their own. They face charges of first degree murder.

Brian and Shannon Gore, the parents, allegedly locked their daughter up to “protect” her. She was born at home with no medical help, and did not even have a birth certificate. Therefore, even the neighbors did not know about the abuse or the buried child. She is assumed to be between 5 and 6.

The naked girl was nearly starving to death and attempted to eat some of her own skin . The police said that it was one of the worst cases of child abuse they had seen, according to the Daily Mail.

She was only given one or two Pop Tarts a day.

Naked and covered in feces, she was not even able to walk.

The police found out about the tragedy while investigating for burglaries.

There was another 1-month-old baby at the site, but he was in good condition. The girl is now being treated at Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters, while the boy is at Gloucester Department of Social Services.

By Kang Yoon-seung
Intern reporter

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감금된 6세 아이 굶주려 자신의 피부 뜯어먹어  

미국에서 부모에 의해 수개월 동안 우리 안에 감금된 6세 소녀가 아사 직전에 경찰에 구조되었다. 경찰에 따르면 발견 당시 아이는 굶주림을 이기지 못하고 자신의 피부를 먹고 있었다고 한다.

이 집에서는 1살짜리 아기도 발견되었으며, 주변에서는 다른 아이의 사체가 발견되기도 했다.

아이들의 부모는 1급 살인 혐의로 체포되었다.

이 사건은 도난 사고를 수사 중이던 경찰에 의해 드러났다. 부모는 하루에 토스트 한 두 조각 정도만 줬다고 진술했다.

너무 오래 감금생활을 해 걷지도 못하는 이 아이는 다운 증후군을 앓고 있던 것으로 밝혀졌다.

부모는 단지 ‘보호하기 위해’ 아이를 감금했다고 말해 충격을 주고 있다. 한편 매장된 아이의 신원에 대해 조사가 진행 중이다. 이웃들은 감금되거나 매장된 아이의 존재에 대해 전혀 몰랐으며, 1살 남자 아이가 첫 아이인 줄 알았다고 증언했다.

출생 등록 조차 되지 않은 여자 아이는 현재 Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters에서 치료를 받고 있고, 남자 아이도 보호를 받고 있는 중이다.