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Weight loss gone wrong

KUALA LUMPUR: A 30-year-old man spent RM80,000 on a weight loss programme but ended up having 30 open wounds, with one as big as a fist, around his waistline.

The man, who only wanted to be known as Lim, said he got to know about the “needleless injection” treatment when a friend suggested that they enter into the cosmetics business in October 2009.

“Initially, I was not interested, but after much persuasion by the friend, who guaranteed a monthly RM50,000 profit, I decided to try the treatment first,” he said at a press conference organised by the Cheras MCA here yesterday.

The former real estate marketing executive said he felt unwell immediately after the injection.

“I started developing blisters at the areas where I was given the jabs. The situation became worse after that,” he said. “When I told my friend about the problem, he told me that it was normal.

“However, after three months, my condition deteriorated,” he added.

Lim said he started having inflammation, though the beauty parlour owner told him that the product was a “bestseller” throughout the world.

Not convinced, Lim decided to seek medical treatment.

“I saw five doctors but none had any idea what caused the wounds. All they could do was to prescribe antibiotics,” he said.

Lim said he started bleeding and there was also discharge from the wounds.

Subsequently, he went to a hospital for an operation, which required him to have his wounds cleaned every day for six months.

“Because of that, I could not work and eventually lost my source of income,” he said, adding that he recovered only in July last year.

Lim said he had come forward to warn others of such a treatment and to prevent them from becoming victims.



다이어트 하려고 했을 뿐인데...

말레이시아 30대 한 남성이 약 3천만 원의 비용을 들여 살을 빼는 치료를 한 후 몸에 30군데에 상처가 생겼다.

림씨는 친구를 통해 “무바늘 주사요법”이라는 살 빼는 프로그램을 알게 되었다. 그의 친구는 지난 2009년도에 이 사업을 시작하였고 곧 림씨를 설득하여 이 치료를 받게 하였다.

문제는 림씨가 이 주사요법을 받고 난 후부터 생겼다. 그의 몸에 갑자기 물집들이 생기기 시작하였으며 이는 점점 악화되어 제거해야 할 정도가 되었다. 이에 림씨는 그의 친구에게 연락하여 증상에 대해 말을 했지만 그의 친구는 정상적인 반응이라고 말했다.

미용업체 주인은 그 상품이 세계적으로 잘 팔리는 “베스트 셀러”라고 말했지만 석 달이 지난 후에 림씨의 상태는 더욱 심각해졌고 몸에 염증이 생겨나기 시작했다.

확실한 증상을 알기 위해 림씨는 병원을 찾아갔지만 다섯명의 의사들 모두 이 증상의 원인에 대해 알지 못했다고 말했다.

림씨의 몸에서는 피가 나며 진물이 흐르기 시작했고, 끝내 그는 수술을 받아야만 했다.

림씨는 “저는 그 후에 일도 할 수 없게 되었어요, 결국엔 돈도 벌지 못하게 된 거죠……”라고 말했다. 그는 다른 사람들이 절대 자신과 같은 일이 발생하지 않기 바란다고 전했다.

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