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Seo Tai-ji’s digital downloads surge after divorce

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Published : April 26, 2011 - 19:00

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Seo Tai-ji’s digital music sales have quadrupled since his marriage and divorce with actor Lee Ji-ah became public last week.

“Records from main music sites including Melon, Bugs, and Dosirak, show that file downloads for Seo’s music have increased tremendously, nearly fourfold compared to the past,” Gaon Chart, the country’s most authoritative music chart, said. “However, official data with every music sites’ record have not been gathered.”
Seo Tai-ji Seo Tai-ji

“To You” from Seo Tai-ji & Boys’ second album in 1993 showed the biggest increase in the number of downloads. “To You” is a love song, which is rare in Seo’s discography, leading many fans to suspect that the song was written for Lee. However, Seo Tai-ji & Boys’ second album was released in June 1993, months before the alleged first meeting of Seo and teenaged fan Lee in October 1993.

Downloads of other songs by Seo Tai-ji & Boys such as “Sad Pain,” “I Want To Erase You,” and “In The Time of Being With You” have also increased.

“Fans seem to be extremely shocked by the recent news of Seo’s marriage and divorce as Seo’s private life had been well hidden all these years. Songs released during the period between Seo and Lee’s meeting and marriage are getting more attention,” Gaon Chart said in a statement.

With the marriage, divorce, and on-going property division law suit shocking the public, Lee’s managing company KeyEast has released an official statement on behalf of the actress. The public is asking for Seo to provide an official statement. The singer, however, remains silent.

Gaon Chart, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, compiles all the sales data from major Korean music download sites and offline record stores to create one official music chart.

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가온차트 "서태지 음원 판매량 4배 증가"

서태지와 배우 이지아의 결혼 및 이혼 소식이 알려진 후 서태지 관련 음원 판매량이 평소보다 4배가량 증가한 것으로 조사됐다.

대한민국 공인차트를 표방한 '가온차트'는 25일 "지난 주말 멜론, 벅스, 도시락등 국내 주요 음악사이트에 확인 결과 서태지 관련 음원 다운로드(내려받기) 수가 4배 가까이 증가했다고 설명했다"며 "그러나 여러 사이트 다운로드 수를 합한 수치는 아직 집계되지 않았다"고 말했다.

가온차트에 따르면 서태지의 음원 중 다운로드가 급격히 증가한 노래는  서태지와아이들의 정규 2집 수록곡인 '너에게'로 나타났다. '너와 함께 한 시간 속에서' '널 지우려 해' '슬픈 아픔' 등 서태지와아이들 시절의 또 다른 노래들도 인기를 모았다.

가온차트 관계자는 "신비주의에 쌓여있던 서태지의 사적인 생활이 공개되면서 팬들이 적잖은 충격을 받은 듯하다"며 "서태지가 이지아를 처음 만나 결혼에 이르기까지의 시기에 나온 노래들에 팬들의 관심이 집중되는 것 같다. 특히 '너에게'는 서태지의 노래 중 드물게 사랑을 주제로 한 곡"이라고 전했다.

문화체육관광부가 후원하는 가온차트는 국내 대표 음악사이트들의 온라인 매출데이터와 오프라인 판매량을 바탕으로 음악 순위를 집계하고 있다.