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N. Korea's state TV carries its first report on Japan earthquake two days later

North Korea's state TV carried its first report Sunday on the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, two days after the catastrophe hit the neighboring nation.

   Pyongyang's Korean Central Television showed footage of the tsunami engulfing a village in its 20-second report on the disaster during its 8 p.m. news program. On Saturday, the North's official Korean Central News Agency reported on the disaster, citing foreign news reports.

   The North is one of the world's most closed nations and keeps a tight control over outside information.

   A magnitude 8.9 quake struck Japan on Friday, unleashing a powerful tsunami that swept ships, cars and homes away in what is believed to be the worst natural disaster ever to hit the country.

The catastrophe is believed to have left at least 1,500 people dead and some 20,000 others missing, according to Japanese media reports.

(Yonhap News)

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