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Global Sarang head opens multicultural school

Kim Hae-sung, president of Global Sarang, a support group for foreign migrant workers, has founded an elementary school for children from multicultural families.

The school in Oryu-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul held its initial entrance ceremony Wednesday, with about 60 students, children and teachers attending.

It has a six-story 2,400-square-meter building with 17 rooms which consist of general classrooms, a computer room, a language training room, a fine arts studio, an experiment lab and a library.
Kim Hae-sung
Kim Hae-sung

Teaching staff are five licensed and 24 volunteer language teachers.

The school operates an elementary school curriculum focusing on foreign languages, fine arts and physical education. Fine arts and athletic courses will be given on a one-to-one basis by expert volunteers from related fields.

There is no tuition and school meals are free.

“The goal is to bring up multicultural kids into multi-language experts,” Kim told reporters. “Custom-tailored one-to-one education will help nurture their aptitude and talents.”